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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Shredding - FAQs for Recycling

FAQs for Shredding

Are your employees bonded?

Paper Depot employees are Bonded, Uniformed and have gone through a complete background search and are all subject to at-random Drug/Alcohol testing.

Are Paper Depot Trucks secured?

Paper Depot trucks are 24 foot bobtails that are secured throughout the day and are securely locked in the evening to prevent entry. Any sensitive material picked up throughout the day is unloaded and locked inside Paper Depot's plant based shred room.

What size bins do you have for an on-going service?

Paper Depot utilizes wooden consoles, 32, 38 & 64 gallon shred bins for in-office service. To handle larger demands, Paper Depot has its 167 gallon and a larger lockable 3 Yard bin.

Do you handle one time pickups?

Paper Depot's services can meet any of your requirements. For one time pickups or purges, Paper Depot can utilize any of the bins used for on-going service or can provide box pick ups of any quantity. Paper Depot matches its services to your individual needs.

Do we have to take our material out of binders, remove paper clips and staples prior to your coming?

That is not necessary. Paper Depot's shredding equipment will easily destroy any rubber bands, paperclips, staples or binders. For boxed records, box and all goes into the shredder.

Is your facility secure?

Paper Depot's facility perimeter is protected 24/7 by motion detected camera's and lighting. Paper Depot's Shred Room is locked and also monitored and recorded.

Can we bring in material for shredding and watch?

Paper Depot encourages those who are concerned that they may bring in their material and watch as it's destroyed. Our office hours for that activity are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

How much do you charge for shredding?

Paper Depot charges are dependent on the type of shredding you are requesting; on-site or off-site, witnessed or non-witnessed, on-going or one time purges. Give us a call to let us understand your needs and we'll provide you with a cost effective estimate.

What happens to the material after it's shredded?

Paper Depot co-mingles the shredded material with the paper that is being brought in for recycling to further dilute it. It is then baled and loaded into locked sealed trailers and ship direct to the many paper mills we work with. Paper Depot will not sell or provide any shredded material to anyone outside of the paper mills we work with.

Do you just handle paper destruction?

Paper Depot's programs are designed to help client's deal with all types of sensitive material be it paper, micro media, hard drives or promotional material, Give us a call to let us understand your needs and provide you with a solution to meet them.

Do you only pick up from offices?

Paper Depot can arrange to pick up material at your office or off-site storage facility.

FAQs for Recycling

What types of paper do you recycle?

The primary grades that Paper Depot recycles are: white paper, color paper, coated paper, cardboard, newspaper, printers waste and mixed paper. If you are not sure of your grade of paper, give us a call and we'll arrange an appointment to assist you.

Do we need to separate the grades of paper?

Paper Depot does not require you to separate the different grades. Each grade of paper does carry a different value from a rebate stand point so those clients handling large volumes may choose to separate to gain more money for their recyclable paper.

Do you require a minimum amount of paper to schedule a pickup?

Paper Depot asks that you have a minimum of 600 lbs. or more to provide a pickup of you material. That minimum allows for a free pickup with no rebate. In order to obtain a rebate, you would have to have material in excess of 600 lbs.

How much does Paper Depot pay for paper?

Each grade of paper has a different price value on the Paper Market. To provide you with a better estimate, we would need to see the material to determine the grade and judge your quantity. Give us a call on one of our representatives will schedule a convenient time to meet with you.

Do you provide Office Recycling?

Paper Depots Recycling Programs cover office recycling and we carry different size bins to handle your individual needs.

Are we required to separate the different grades of paper and remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands, etc. for an in office recycle program?

You can if your desire is to try and obtain the highest rebate for your paper. The only problem is that many companies find that they are spending more man hours/wages to separate that the value gained from just combining them together. Give us a call and we'll come out to go over the program to show you the best ways to start a recycle program.

What types of paper can be recycled under an in office program?

Paper Depot encourages you to recycle the following: junk mail, computer paper, copier paper, used/outdated old letterhead, envelopes (all types), color paper, magazines/newspapers, blueprints, manuals and cardboard.

What types of bins do you supply for recycling?

Paper Depot carries bins that range from a small cardboard midstation to 33 gallon bins to fiber barrels for in office servicing. For larger accounts such as printer/binders, Paper Depot supplies fiber barrels, wire and solid wall cages, 3-yard bins, tilt bins and roll off containers.

Do we have to have bins/barrels to recycle paper?

No, Paper Depot also provides recycling programs to cover boxed records or to pick up baled material.

Do we have to be on a schedule to start a recycle program?

Not if we are picking up boxed or baled material. If Paper Depot provides you with any type of bins then we require we have to service them at least once within a six week period.

Can you pick up at storage facility?

Paper Depot will arrange to meet you at your storage facility to pick up your recyclable material.

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