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Serving Orange Co. - Los Angeles Co. - Riverside Co. - San Bernardino Co. Since 1981

Document Destruction Process

Certified - Secure - Cost Effective

Determination of Services Required

  • Regular Scheduled Service or 1 Time Purge
  • Free Locked and Slotted Security Containers Delivered to Your Business

Totally Secure Off Site Shredding

  • The Paper Depot Arrives at Your Business
  • Uniformed, Bonded, and Screened Employees
  • Locked Security Containers Removed and Placed into Secured Vehicle
  • Containers Unlocked at the Mouth of Our Shredder
  • All Shredding Activities Conducted in a Secure Environment
  • Under Closed Circuit TV Surveillance
  • Shredded Materials Immediately Baled
  • Shipped by Via Locked Containers Direct to Paper Mills
  • 100% of Shredded Materials are Recycled
  • Guaranteed Certificate of Destruction Issued

Totally Secure On Site Shredding

  • The Paper Depot Arrives At Your Business
  • Uniformed, Bonded, and Screened Employees
  • All Confidential Material Placed Into Security Bins
  • Material Taken Directly To Our Mobile Shredding Truck
  • All Material Destroyed On Site
  • Clients Can View The Entire Process
  • Certificate of Destruction Issued
  • Shredded Materials Bailed and Shipped By Lock Containers Directly To Paper Mills
  • 100% of Material Recycled
Our Service Area Includes:

*Our paper recycling programs are only available to our document destruction clients.
We do not offer paper recycling as a standalone service.