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Since 1981, the Paper Depot has been in business providing certified, cost-effective and completely secure document shredding and media destruction services to Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. We are an active member of NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) and strictly adhere to their standards. We offer on-site or off-site shredding services on a regularly scheduled or one-time basis, and we will even perform a free analysis of your site to determine your specific shredding needs and the best program to suit them. We also provide free locked and slotted security containers for secure, on-site document collection. In addition to these complimentary services, our prices are highly competitive. Our security is second to none.

Secure & Cost Effective

You'll never have to use your employees' valuable time for removing staples, paper clips, binders or fasteners from your documents and feeding them one at a time into a small home shredder again. Our state of the art commercial shredder can handle any size job, and our secure collection, transportation and shredding process will eliminate unnecessary employee exposure to sensitive and confidential information. The locked security containers protecting your documents will only be opened the moment the documents are fed into the shredder. Our uniformed and extensively screened employees conduct all shredding activities in a secure environment under closed circuit TV surveillance, and they never handle your documents.

We Help You Become Legally Compliant

We at The Paper Depot have the experience and the expertise to securely shred your sensitive and confidential documents strictly according to all applicable laws and regulations. Your document disposal process may be subject to the mandates of legislation without your realizing it. At The Paper Depot, we make it one of our top priorities to stay up to date on all of the constantly changing laws and regulations that govern document and media disposal in almost every industry. We will make sure that your documents and media are destroyed as per the legislation governing your business or organization. We will also ensure that your documents and media are destroyed in such a manner that they can never be reconstructed.


100% of shredded materials are immediately bailed for recycling.

Off-Site Shredding

Our most cost effective document destruction solution is off-site shredding. We come to you, collecting the locked security consoles containing your documents and securely transporting them off-site to our shredding facility. The documents remain locked in the consoles until they are emptied into our shredder by a mechanical arm within 24 hours of arrival. Our extensively screened employees never handle your confidential material. In addition, our facility is under 24-hour surveillance with motion activated video recording. After the documents are destroyed we provide you with an official certificate of destruction. Clients are also welcome to witness the destruction of their materials in person. Off-site shredding can be performed on a regularly scheduled basis or as a one-time or occasional purge.

On-Site Shredding

Many clients prefer this method of shredding because it can be more convenient than off-site shredding, and because it enables clients to witness the destruction of their documents without leaving the site of their facility. We come to your location with our shredding truck and perform our secure document destruction services there. In the case of regularly scheduled shredding, we will have provided you with complimentary locked security bins or consoles that you'll keep in the office to deposit documents into whenever needed. When we arrive at your facility at the scheduled time with our shredding truck, our uniformed and screened employees will collect the bins or bags from the consoles and bring them to the truck for immediate destruction of your documents. For one-time or occasional document destruction, we will provide you with the locked bins when we arrive. You can fill them with your materials, or our employees can fill them for you. Then our employees will roll the bins to the shredding truck for secure destruction. Whether you choose regularly scheduled or one-time shredding, an official certificate of destruction will be provided at the end of the process. You are also welcome to witness the shredding in person.

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*Our paper recycling programs are only available to our document destruction clients.
We do not offer paper recycling as a standalone service.